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Life Choices

"Every fork in the road offers us a choice. We must choose one and follow that road until the next fork or path provides a new choice. We don’t always choose the right path, but we learn from those mistakes... Continue Reading →

What’s The Difference Between Readers and Writers?

The difference between readers and writers is how you act when you reach an exciting part of the story. Readers - keep reading or sneak a peek at the end of the mystery (shh...don't tell) Writers - type until the... Continue Reading →

Get Your Mystery Fix Today!

I'm excited to announce I've corrected the cover on this one and it is live on Amazon as an ebook today. This is a whimsical quick read I hope you'll enjoy. The Feathered Crown - A Hat Maker Mystery by... Continue Reading →

Caffeine Moon – Kindle Countdown Deal Starts Today!

Cara loved working in the coffee shop, but his repeated purchase of six cups of coffee with triple espresso shots intrigued her. However, following him home entangled her with the world of magic and put her in danger. Discovering he... Continue Reading →

The Fairy’s Kiss – Kindle Deal Starts Today!

Culley stood before the king of the American Vampires confident he would die tonight, found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. Told to run if he wanted to live, he headed for a childhood hangout that would keep them from... Continue Reading →

The Key – FREE For 3 Days Only!

Cold and wet, AnnMarie waited for the carriage to pick her up. Worried about someone from her past recognizing her kept her from seeing the danger in her present situation. Devin didn’t look dangerous in his rumpled clothes and cowboy... Continue Reading →

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