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Turn Signals – Are They Optional Features?

Driving around town every day it’s fun to look at all the differences in the vehicles people drive and how they drive them. Deliberately safe drivers move through traffic gripping the wheel when the organ donor driver whizzes past them... Continue Reading →

Magical Beings Ignore Daylight Savings Time!

Across the USA, most Humans diligently change their clocks every spring and fall trying to enjoy every minute of time in the sun they can. Fall forward… no… Spring back… no, that’s not it. Spring forward and fall back! Yes,... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Month For Paranormal Beings!

January 2018 is the most magical month for paranormal beings in a long time. This month offers two full moons, one of which is a super moon, and a lunar eclipse. The first full moon, called the Full Wolf Moon, occurred... Continue Reading →

It’s Super Bowl Time

Well it's almost Super Bowl time. This Sunday is the conference championship game determining who will go to Super Bowl 52 to be held In Minneapolis, Minnesota. I thought I would give out some game trivia.  The four teams left this weekend... Continue Reading →

TY, Thanks, Thank You – The Beginning of the End

Texting, talking, writing, email, or even picking out an appropriate card to say it for you, Thank You are two words that seem to make people stumble. We mumble it, forget to say it, or use it sparingly as if... Continue Reading →

My New Year’s Resolution Is Turning To Dust

It’s mid-January and like a vampire when you stake them, many New Year’s Resolutions are turning to dust. We start the year filled with hopes and dreams of what this new beginning holds like the exciting promise of spring on... Continue Reading →

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