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Old Sayings! #4

Saying: As nervous as a cat in a room full of rockers. Usage: Sara Jane was supposed to stand up in front of her first-grade class and tell them about her favorite letter of the alphabet. As the youngest of... Continue Reading →

Old Sayings! #3

Saying: Madder than a wet hen. Usage:  We got home from school today and discovered a fresh peach pie on the counter. My brother handed me a fork and we dove into the best after school snack ever. We were... Continue Reading →

Old Sayings! #2

Saying:  Can't get off dead center. Usage:  I've given the team all the pros and cons of the two solutions and we've met several times to review the information. I can't get them off dead center. If they don't make... Continue Reading →

Writing Tips – Use of Outlines Before AND After

As I've said before, write, write, write until you reach the end of the story. Now that you know how it ends you have to look for holes in the story like where you left out information or placed things... Continue Reading →

Old Sayings! #1

Raised in the south my parents had a plethora of sayings that randomly popped up like nuggets of stored wisdom ready to be whipped out and dropped into the brain of some unsuspecting kid. It seems that sayings vary by... Continue Reading →

Writing Tip – Chapter Breaks

Write. Write more. Finish the story. Put in chapter breaks when you feel it fits the flow but don't stop to figure out where they go until the story is complete.  When you type "the end" you're ready to think... Continue Reading →

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