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Chalice Moon by Pat Sawtelle  –  Prologue

Glowing brightly, the quarter moon lit the dark night sky as the wind gently pushed the clouds across its light. With the power of the darkness on its side, the moon once again called the beings of earth to play a game of hide and seek. Using the buttery light to draw their gaze skyward, the moon cast its spell knowing some couldn’t fight the call.

In the dark cemetery below, only the sound of trees rustling in the wind disturbed the quiet of the night. Ancient monuments to the dead cast strange shadows inviting visitors to leave life behind and join their moon play. Moving silently through the darkness, the three men radiated an evil no animal could ignore. Sensing the intruders, even the smallest creatures ran, silently hoping the danger would pass them by tonight.

Arriving just before midnight, they located the tallest monument in the back of the cemetery and sat down to wait. They only had a few moments to rest and wonder why he demanded they meet immediately.

“Where is he,” the tallest of them asked.

“Just chill out,” growled his stocky companion. “We’re early.”

“This place is creepy,” whispered the youngest nervously. “Not even the animals like it. Why do we always have to meet him here?”

“How would I know? If you feel gutsy, ask him. Otherwise, shut up and quit your whining.” The stocky man was already tired of their complaining.

“I hope he gets here soon. I don’t like this place either,” the tallest agreed quietly.

The dark haired man silently stepped from behind the monument. “I’m here gentlemen,” his deep firm voice answered their question with a chilling reminder of his power.

All three of them jumped. “Man, don’t do that,” squealed the youngest. “This is a cemetery after all.”

“Yes, and I have other dealings with the dead to attend to, so let’s get to it,” the sinister man snarled. “I met with the Seer tonight. He says a Human female could upset our plans. Your job is to eliminate her.”

“Human,” scoffed the taller man. “How can a stupid Human cause us problems? They’re the weakest race on the planet. Besides, we’re supposed to be working on a plan to scare them into obeying us anyway.”

“The Seer had a vision. If we don’t alter its outcome, her path in life will change and she’ll become an obstacle to our ultimate goal. No matter what he says, no Human is going to stop us now!” The leader struggled to contain his anger.

“According to the Seer, the girl will be coming to Nashville in the next few days. He gave me a general description of her and saw her attending some kind of fancy party,” he said disgustedly. “That’s when we’ll make our move. So, keep your ears open for information on people planning celebrity parties around town.”

Hearing a noise, he stopped to confirm it was only a falling branch before continuing. “You’re to grab her after the party. I’ll line up a place for you to take her and I’ll be there to eliminate her. We’ll make final plans once we identify the girl and the information on the party. You must be ready to make changes at the last minute, so stay flexible.”

“So, we grab her, but you’re killing her,” the stocky man asked.

“Correct. I’m not taking any chances on her surviving after this week. I plan to see to this death personally.”

Excited about their plans, the youngest blurted out. “Why not make a public killing and start our plan to take over the Humans now?”

“Patience,” the leader said rolling his eyes.  “If we don’t have enough forces in place to take over a substantial number of cities at the same time, they’ll eliminate us without much effort. I won’t risk the wrath of the boss by messing this up now.”

“Just when do we get to take over?” the stocky man grumbled.

“When he feels the time is right, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, we have to eliminate this threat to the plan.” Adding a snarl to his voice, the leader glared at them. “And gentlemen, if you tell anyone or even think about changing your mind about this mission, I will find you, and I promise that you won’t enjoy the time we’ll spend together when I do. Now leave and don’t fail to bring her to me.”