Robert Cole with flag backgroundI came across this essay today that touched my patriotic heart. My son wrote it in 2005 for a citizenship contest for Mr. R. Lando’s class at Houston Middle School. It contains a few mistakes, but I’m amazed at how strong it still hits home with the world today. I hope you enjoy his words and this picture of him from back in the day.

“Our nation has the strongest army in the world. The people of this nation take pride in their government. They help out others who can’t fend for themselves, in this country or any other. The nation was at one time called ‘The Great American melting pot.’

The American citizens work hard to obtain the items they need. We have one of the few democratic republic governments in the world and should be thankful for it. This nation will stand under God now and forever and shall always be united as one. An old saying sands true to this nation ‘united we stands, divided we fall.’ For our freedoms and rights we will fight and win.

This nation has religion from just about every place on earth. We have as many allies as we do enemies. We have yet to find a way for total world peace. Countries like Japan, Germany, and Russia were once our sworn enemies yet now are our friends as we buy goods from them. Sometimes you could think of this nation as the peace keepers of the world for where there is trouble we’re always there.

No matter what situation this nation will fight for its rights and that of others. For the pride of this nation lies within the hearts and souls of its people now and forever. Men have fought and died for this country and its people and this country will move on keeping those that have died in their hearts to never forget. “