As I embark on the new year I am reminded that sometimes the simpler things in life have brought more clarity to my direction than all the gadgets, apps, and widgets we’ve created.

The unusually cold weather forced me to start this year using pen and paper to craft my stories and make my to do lists. Each stroke of the pen took me back to the beginning of my writing where I filled a spiral notebook with my thoughts and dreams of Vampires, Shape Shifters, and the world of magic.

This return to the basics brought clarity to my thoughts, settled my mind, renewed my creativity, and drew me outside of my box. Generations of people, both ordinary and famous, have written in journals documenting their thoughts as the written words provided clarity to their troubles.

If the stress and uncertainty of life is weighing you down, I recommend using a pen and paper to empty your mind giving it permission to expand and explore new ideas that could improve your life and lighten your heart.

Happy New Year!