It’s mid-January and like a vampire when you stake them, many New Year’s Resolutions are turning to dust. We start the year filled with hopes and dreams of what this new beginning holds like the exciting promise of spring on a cold winter day. However, we tend to make proclamations for things to accomplish that take a little more effort than we imagined as the clock struck mid-night. By this time of the month, we’ve found multiple excuses that keep us from reaching our goal.

Today I challenge you to take a baby step toward your goal or adjust it to something a bit more attainable. If you promised to start exercising, start with five minutes a day instead of thirty. If you wanted to learn to cook, plan a week’s worth of simple meals using that new Instant Pot.

Some of you have decided that your planned resolution was a bad idea. Don’t let the resolution dust create more work explaining why it didn’t fit your life. Set a new goal! Explore the world of books maybe even reading a new author or trying a new genre. Ask friends and family what they’re reading. Explore the library or a small local bookstore. Visit Goodreads or publisher sites with reviews and book excerpts that spark interest.

Whatever you choose to try start with five minutes a day and let the good times pull you into a new part of life. Happy New Year to all and to all a good book tonight!