Texting, talking, writing, email, or even picking out an appropriate card to say it for you, Thank You are two words that seem to make people stumble. We mumble it, forget to say it, or use it sparingly as if it was and expensive new toy.
Some say conversation is an art and maybe it is, but you can count on one thing. Using the words Thank You changes the perception of an encounter by emphasizing that you’ve received some kind of training in the art of social graces. Encounters with other humans involve a never-ending cycle of conversation techniques that, like a good book, include a beginning, a middle and an end. Used to show gratitude before departing, Thank you normally occurs at the end of an exchange. It can even be used to politely say you don’t want something. “Thank you, but not right now.”
However you need to use it, I challenge you to use it. The use of social graces disrupts angry customers, puts a smile on faces of all ages, and elevates the positive perception of the user.

     Thank you for taking time out to explore this topic with me!