January 2018 is the most magical month for paranormal beings in a long time. This month offers two full moons, one of which is a super moon, and a lunar eclipse. The first full moon, called the Full Wolf Moon, occurred on January 1, 2018. Other names for this first moon are Old Moon, Ice Moon and Moon after Yule. Experts say that wolves howl longer during the first few months of the year to find mates as part of the breeding season. Directing their howls upward toward the sky improves the distance their sound will carry. So all those pictures of wolves howling at the moon depicts their ancient knowledge of communication. Howl on guys!

When two full moons appear in the same month, they call the second a blue moon, but this January’s Blue Moon takes on several additional distinctions. The first is the Eclipse that will start about 5:50 am EST on January 31 giving the moon a coppery / reddish appearance and the name Blood Moon. It is the perfect moon for a bit of Vampire feeding!

Additionally, this moon acquired the name Super Moon because it will be the closest distance to Earth that our Moon reaches in its elliptic orbit. This proximity to Earth results in a slightly larger apparent size making viewers feel they can reach out and touch it.  The last time we experienced both a blue moon and a lunar eclipse in the eastern hemisphere was 1982. (Visit Space.com for more information.)

So my paranormal enthusiasts, celebrate the call of the moon, admire its unique beauty, and marvel in the wonders of the universe in January 2018!