Driving around town every day it’s fun to look at all the differences in the vehicles people drive and how they drive them. Deliberately safe drivers move through traffic gripping the wheel when the organ donor driver whizzes past them weaving in and out of traffic.

The standard features on a car are the only thing these two types of drivers have in common. Locks, doors, tires, windshield wipers, lights, and turn signals are standards. However, owners see some of these features as optional instead of a must have worth every penny.

Would you drive around without tires? I see you rolling those eyes at my idea. Rims would rut the road and make it a very rough ride without that layer of rubber around them. How about no working lights? With city lights and other drivers lighting the way, you might think it wouldn’t be a big deal. In addition to risking attention from the local police, you’d find other drivers flashing lights at you trying to keep you safe.

What I don’t understand is why using the standard feature of a turn signal seems optional to some drivers. Being certain others know which direction you plan to go puts them on notice to either avoid you or alert you to danger. In turn, this protects both vehicles and makes the standard signal feature one that should be on the list of the most desirable features list.

Heck, when you were a kid didn’t you enjoy flipping switches and making lights flash? Growing up means you get to play with buttons, knobs, and levers without anyone telling you not to touch. Your car provides a variety of cool things that should excite your inner child like making wipers move, windows go up and down, and lights flash.

Next time you’re driving through town, take a moment to consider the value found in the many features of your vehicle. Enjoy getting to flip on that tick, tick, tick, making lights flash to alert others to the fact you have somewhere to be and plan on arriving. Let your inner child have a little fun as well!