Every year we enjoy a day away from work, to play and enjoy time with our family and friends. News reports and social media posts abound with reminders that Memorial Day is a day to remember those that lost their lives serving in the military of this country. They paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Through the years generations of men in my family have served our country and recent generations have normally arrived safely back in the arms of their loved ones. The most recent generation to serve was my sister who provided service during times of war and times of peace a proud example of the modern military.

I took a moment today to reflect on the things in my life that their service made possible. I’m a woman in business free to express my opinions. As a published author with a cozy paranormal book series, I am free to write about vampires and dark evil guys, have a social media presence and yes, even a website. I can drive my car anywhere and any time I choose, freely befriend anyone I want, talk about any subject from religion and politics, to flowers, kids and books, even go shopping alone.

It’s important to remember that their sacrifice doesn’t mean our lives will be easy nor will things be handed to us on a silver platter. They gave their lives to show us that it takes more than wanting something to have it. You must believe in it and work hard every day to truly live the freedoms they provided us.

I ask you to take time to post something on social media, not just this weekend, but any time throughout the year with a note about a freedom you enjoy and thank our active military and their families. Every day a new man or woman joins the military leaving behind their family, friends, and even some of their freedoms to actively serve. Even now some of these brave warriors won’t come home to hold those they love and live in the freedoms they fought for.

THANK YOU … from a grateful citizen!