You know those cute little plastic bags with handles you get when you purchase groceries or items from the big box stores. Stick 2 or 3 inside of each other with the handles lined up then put them in any small garbage cans you have in your house as a liner. Push them into the bottom and fold the tops and handles over the container rim. Now when the bag is full, just grab one set of handles, pull out the garbage, tie the handles in a knot and drop it in your outside can or the big kitchen bag. It beats carrying all those cans to the kitchen or outside garbage to dump them. Less messy too!

I put a small garbage can or basket in each room of the house and line them all. If one can fills up, I grab it as I walk past it going to the garbage and I don’t have the hassle of cleaning up the mess I made when trying to dump the little cans into something else. Plus, the liners keep me from having to do the extra cleaning of the actual can because something thrown away caused it to get dirty or smelly.