“Raindrops as big as golf balls pounded the cold lifeless ground all around him.”  Congratulations! You’ve written your first sentence. Now what? The path of your life just split and you now have to go down both of them to reach the wonderful land at the end. I know what you’re thinking. How can I travel down two paths at the same time? I can barely keep up with everything else in my life and now you want me to do more?

Yes! Look at this path the same way you did when you played hopscotch as a child. Hop on one block or path, and then the other. The left path is where you allow those wonderful words to fill your paper or computer with all the creativity found on the left side of your brain. Imagination, creativity, insight, and intuition reside in this side of the brain. All the things that fill pages with wonderful words crafting rhymes, imagery, action, and the passion residing inside you that wants to break free of their hiding place.

The right path is where you will lay the stepping-stones preparing for the day you will decide to share your writing with others. This is your business path. It’s driven by the right side of your brain where logic, reasoning, and analytic thought reside.

Like most writers, you find the left path to be comfortable like your favorite chair or comfort food tending to shy away from the logical right path. Don’t be scared. This isn’t a trip through the dark scary forest on the night of the full moon. Think of it as an overgrown garden filled with weeds, flowers, and a few trees. It’s built on a healthy base of fertilized soil. With time and some practical attention, you will make it a wonderfully inviting place to visit filled with things that nourish you. With a bit of regular attention to this garden, a writer can spend more time in their favorite world lost in the words that brings them comfort and amusement.

When you decided to write it took time to learn to control the words and ideas long enough for you to get them on paper. Cultivating this garden of business will take the same dedication and patience, but in the end, it too will fill you with pride.

Remember… there are thousands of people out there successfully writing and managing both of these paths on a daily basis. You can do this!