I hate vacuuming. Why should I dust and vacuum, no one visits me? No one really cares. First, I only say at least once a month is best because that is only twelve times a year and you are more likely to do that than 52 times for the weekly option.

Second, it keeps down the sinus, allergy and germ problems. Do not use a feather duster. Use a cloth or some of the other dusting products on the market designed to trap the dust, not stir it up, and can be either thrown away or washed.

Always dust, before you vacuum. That way any build up you knock off is picked up by the vacuum. Keeping down the number of knick-knacks, trophies, pictures, and other small stuff that collect on tables, desks, and mantelpieces makes your dusting easier. These items seem to attract dust and you have to move each item to dust the table it sat on, plus you have to dust the item.

Do you have a bunch of trophies you want to display? Put them in a cabinet behind glass. Remember to dust those electronics while the TV, CD player, or computer is turned off. It is much easier to clean and you won’t run the risk of building up static that could damage the electronics.