Across the USA, most Humans diligently change their clocks every spring and fall trying to enjoy every minute of time in the sun they can. Fall forward… no… Spring back… no, that’s not it. Spring forward and fall back! Yes, the struggle is real to be somewhere and on time. And just to keep the Humans confused the news will remind you to change your clocks on Saturday night before bed because the time changes at 2 am. Now is that 2 am “old time” or “new time”?

We magicals don’t really care about this stupid clock stuff. Our focus is how long before the moon rises today and how many days to the next full moon. For Shape Shifters the longer winter nights mean more time to stretch their legs. Vampires find the longer nights a mixed blessing with more time to get out and play dampened by fewer Humans out in the cold. Like most beings, Vampires like a bit of variety in their feeding and the heartier beings (can you say beefy blood) don’t like the cold.

So next time you’re hung up on time changes, you have a choice. Have fun and set up a meeting at 2 am to see which 2 am your Human friends make OR forget the clock and exercise your legs (2 or 4) enjoying the beauty of the moon and that side you keep hidden from others. Remember, playing in the moon light doesn’t leave burns like that pesky bright sun. Enjoy your moon tan!