Used as an adverb, this word transforms a request from sounding like an order to a polite question. A word that allows the requested person to grant your request, offer an alternate option or turn down your request, all while keeping the situation civil. Like thank you, it quickly broadcasts a positive impression of the user to others. In today’s busy world with text style communication, this word acts like a speed bump. Catching people’s attention with please sets the tone for a change in the conversation to a friendly and interactive encounter.

In addition to changing the tone of the conversation, this one word raises the level of respect in the situation by demonstrating your willingness to be polite. That’s not to say that using the word with an angry or sarcastic tone, won’t result in a different outcome. Even the nicest question said in the wrong tone can set off a catastrophic course of events you hadn’t intended. So remember to watch your tone of voice… please.