The great bathroom controversy is, of course, does it matter if the seat is up or down, is the lid up or down, and includes did the last person hit the target? Keep the seat down! Guys this not only looks good to all ladies, including moms and sisters but also hides the fact that you probably haven’t hit the target nor cleaned the toilet recently. Think of this as self-defense!

As far as the lid goes, if you have a lot of company or you’re selling your home (appearance sells), always put the lid down. Girls, you’re usually not as picky about the lid as the seat. Most of you have a story about going in the middle of the night and falling into the water because a goofy brother left the seat up. Gentlemen, that one story will be the source of many fights with a girl and one that you can easily avoid with a bit of practice.

Setting this aside, it also goes back to how clean is the appearance of your toilet. Dirty and lid down, just hope no one has to use it while visiting you. Clean and lid down who knows what they will think…. wonderful…. considerate…. outstanding… impressive! If you’re the visitor, put it down!

If you’re a visitor, hit it or clean it! And never, ever, leave a wet seat. No one wants to wipe up after you before they can use the toilet. A little practical advice and good habits make life and those first impressions so much easier