Raised in the south my parents had a plethora of sayings that randomly popped up like nuggets of stored wisdom ready to be whipped out and dropped into the brain of some unsuspecting kid. It seems that sayings vary by family and part of the country but they exist almost everywhere in one form or another. I still use some of these in my daily life and love when it makes people laugh. So I’ve decided to randomly post these when I remember them. This is the first one I remember.

Saying:  Touch that and you’ll draw back a nub!

Usage: “Touch that pie and you’ll draw back a nub,” mom shouted as I reached for the hot apple pie on the counter. My hand stopped mid-air. Momma didn’t make threats often and if she caught me touching the pie the consequences would be bad. Most probably it would be a trip to the woodshed with dad.

Meaning: In its worst threat form it promises to cut off your hand / finger if you touch something.

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