Pat Sawtelle, Author

Pat Sawtelle lives in the greater Memphis-Germantown, TN area. She says she began writing in August of 2008 simply to make her mind shut up. After filling two spiral notebooks and with dreams still flowing, she decided she needed a laptop. This story wasn’t stopping.

Friends and family tolerated her writing insanity, occasionally asking when they could read them. Bashful about her writing ability and the story line, Pat politely brushed them off. Several years into the story she finally allowed four friends to read book one. With feedback from these friends, she made changes to that book while continuing to write more books.

Stumbling across an old friend who was running a mid-sized speculative publishing company (Dark Oak Press), he offered to provide feedback on a few pages twice during the next couple of years. “It’s okay to use contractions,” and “cut out some of the ‘was’ and ‘were’ usage,” came with a chuckled, “that’s the good news. The bad news is you have to rework them.” Pat’s response was simply a smiling, “So what? I’m not writing for anyone but me. Besides, with my memory I’ve forgotten some of what I wrote already.”

And so she continued to tidy up the first book while the story continued to flow into more words and books. After 5 1/2 years she announced to her very own Kimie she’d completed the 15 book series about the Chalice Princess. It’s said her daughter shouted “No!” Writing had kept mom busy all these years making for a great relationship and Kimie said she had to find something else to write to continue the trend.

Her friends were excited with the announcement and encouraged Pat to get them published so they could finally read them. Pat contacted her friend at Dark Oak Press, to explore ways to share her stories. After reviewing her options, she asked him to help. After all, Pat didn’t think of herself as a writer and had no idea if they were any good. Selecting beta readers and completing many rounds of proofreading the story over, and over, and over, book one soon became ready for the public.

With a full time job, a family and home, writing continues to provide Pat Sawtelle a distraction to the ups and downs of life. (Want to know a secret? there seems to be a few more books tumbling out so 15 might not be the end.)

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