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Here’s the latest news on the Chalice Princess series books I’ve written, things I’ve read or even the occasional meme.

Writing Inspiration & Research

Life is full of places to go, people to see, and events to experience. If you’re like many writers you’d prefer to be home filling pages with words, creating characters, and describing villains that readers will love to hate. To... Continue Reading →

Short Story and Novel List Grows

Chalice Moon was recently joined by five short stories providing my readers with an assortment of fun. The Feathered Crown. This one has a story glitch. I changed the character from a Haberdasher to a hat maker and didn't get... Continue Reading →

The Feathered Crown (short story)

Bryon loved hats and he'd learned from the best, George Lock. When Jacob found his father's body the police immediately accuse him of the murder. Suddenly the safety of the King rested on securing a hat and Bryon's ability to... Continue Reading →

The Fairy’s Kiss (short story)

Culley stood before the king of the American Vampires confident he would die tonight, found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. Told to run if he wanted to live, he headed for a childhood hangout that would keep them... Continue Reading →

Caffeine Moon (short story)

Cara loved working in the coffee shop, but his repeated purchase of six cups of coffee with triple espresso shots intrigued her. However, following him home entangled her with the world of magic and put her in danger. Discovering he... Continue Reading →

Hopscotch For Writers

 "Raindrops as big as golf balls pounded the cold lifeless ground all around him.”  Congratulations! You’ve written your first sentence. Now what? The path of your life just split and you now have to go down both of them to... Continue Reading →

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