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Here’s the latest news on the Chalice Princess series books I’ve written, things I’ve read or even the occasional meme.

Authors… Who are you?

Many prolific authors find themselves tiring of writing the same storyline or even the same genre at some point in their career. This thought seems to catch them off guard leaving them unprepared for this great debate. They'll start on... Continue Reading →

Prolific Writing Tips

One day you woke up to find your mind spinning with ideas for a story or lots of stories. Grabbing your head you beg for it to stop before you lose your mind. But the thoughts continue to pound until... Continue Reading →

Prologues or No Prologues… The Great Debate

I've heard famous authors say never use a prologue as if it is a hard and fast rule you must follow.  However, if this is a rule then I wonder why the concept and word exist. There must be a... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Thank You

Every year we enjoy a day away from work, to play and enjoy time with our family and friends. News reports and social media posts abound with reminders that Memorial Day is a day to remember those that lost their... Continue Reading →

Magical Beings Ignore Daylight Savings Time!

Across the USA, most Humans diligently change their clocks every spring and fall trying to enjoy every minute of time in the sun they can. Fall forward… no… Spring back… no, that’s not it. Spring forward and fall back! Yes,... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Month For Paranormal Beings!

January 2018 is the most magical month for paranormal beings in a long time. This month offers two full moons, one of which is a super moon, and a lunar eclipse. The first full moon, called the Full Wolf Moon, occurred... Continue Reading →

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