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Here’s the latest news on the Chalice Princess series books I’ve written, things I’ve read or even the occasional meme.

Magical Beings Ignore Daylight Savings Time!

Across the USA, most Humans diligently change their clocks every spring and fall trying to enjoy every minute of time in the sun they can. Fall forward… no… Spring back… no, that’s not it. Spring forward and fall back! Yes,... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Month For Paranormal Beings!

January 2018 is the most magical month for paranormal beings in a long time. This month offers two full moons, one of which is a super moon, and a lunar eclipse. The first full moon, called the Full Wolf Moon, occurred... Continue Reading →

Dust, Blood or Flames – How do your Vampires die?

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire, and Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, are just a few of the many books that have invited us to explore the life Vampires. Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi and Gloria Holden are some... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year – Returning To The Basics

As I embark on the new year I am reminded that sometimes the simpler things in life have brought more clarity to my direction than all the gadgets, apps, and widgets we've created. The unusually cold weather forced me to... Continue Reading →

Inspiration Comes From Everywhere

Have you always wanted to write, but you can't decide what to write about? Then you're over thinking your desire. Get some paper and start writing anything you're thinking about. The weather. The last car wreck you saw. Or even... Continue Reading →

Writers Do The Math!

Want to write a story or even a novel? Here are three tips: If you write 1,000 words per day you can have a healthy sized novel of about 90,000 words finished in only 3 months! It's easier to write... Continue Reading →

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