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Here’s the latest news on the Chalice Princess series books I’ve written, things I’ve read or even the occasional meme.

The Fairy’s Kiss {short story}

Culley stood before the king of the American Vampires confident he would die tonight, found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. Told to run if he wanted to live, he headed for a childhood hangout that would keep them... Continue Reading →

My First Wolf Moon – A Wolf Shifter short story  

For fans of Chalice Moon, here is a short story providing a bit of background on Steve, his first encounters with Aaron and XM. Please post reviews and tell me other things you'd like to read about. Teaser..... The day... Continue Reading →

Chalice Princess – A Vampire and Shape Shifter Novel series

Take a walk with me through the world of Kimie Richards where the veil hiding the world of magic brushes back to touch this simple Human. For only a magical touch could rock the foundation of her existence, setting her... Continue Reading →

The Key (A paranormal short story)

Cold and wet, AnnMarie waited for the carriage to pick her up. Worried about someone from her past recognizing her kept her from seeing the danger in her present. Devin didn’t look dangerous in his rumpled clothes and cowboy hat,... Continue Reading →

Authors… Who are you?

Many prolific authors find themselves tiring of writing the same storyline or even the same genre at some point in their career. This thought seems to catch them off guard leaving them unprepared for this great debate. They'll start on... Continue Reading →

Prolific Writing Tips

One day you woke up to find your mind spinning with ideas for a story or lots of stories. Grabbing your head you beg for it to stop before you lose your mind. But the thoughts continue to pound until... Continue Reading →

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