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Life Tips

These are things I’ve learned in life. They may or may not work for you, but they will give you ideas to look into.

Puzzle Progression

It's day 2 of puzzle work and I've formed the border and a couple of small patches. It took a bit of stepping back and rearranging to get the border sections in the right order. This reminded me that as... Continue Reading →

Happy January 1, 2019! Let’s Puzzle

It's the first day of a new year and many start it off with resolutions. I choose to start this year with a jigsaw puzzle. I've done this the last few years and find it a great way to remind... Continue Reading →

Aim…Fire…Wait. Where’s the seat?

The great bathroom controversy is, of course, does it matter if the seat is up or down, is the lid up or down, and includes did the last person hit the target? Keep the seat down! Guys this not only... Continue Reading →

Ma’am Isn’t Just For Kids

Respect for others has never gone out of style, unlike the popularity of using yes ma’am or sir. The hardest thing about using this phrase it getting comfortable hearing it said. When little kids use it, you think “sweet kid.”... Continue Reading →

Opening Doors To Civility

Opening the door for others is not only a sign of good manners, but it also says you are a polite person. In a world where the hustle and bustle of life tends to make people a bit testy, small... Continue Reading →

Please. One word to open doors to many worlds.

Used as an adverb, this word transforms a request from sounding like an order to a polite question. A word that allows the requested person to grant your request, offer an alternate option or turn down your request, all while... Continue Reading →

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