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Life Tips

These are things I’ve learned in life. They may or may not work for you, but they will give you ideas to look into.

Please. One word to open doors to many worlds.

Used as an adverb, this word transforms a request from sounding like an order to a polite question. A word that allows the requested person to grant your request, offer an alternate option or turn down your request, all while... Continue Reading →

Pay Yourself With Your Savings

It’s very easy to say I can buy something today because I have just enough for the purchase, but if the car breaks down the next day you might regret spending the money on the new couch. Let’s say you... Continue Reading →

Magical Beings Ignore Daylight Savings Time!

Across the USA, most Humans diligently change their clocks every spring and fall trying to enjoy every minute of time in the sun they can. Fall forward… no… Spring back… no, that’s not it. Spring forward and fall back! Yes,... Continue Reading →

On No…dust…vacuum. I can’t.

I hate vacuuming. Why should I dust and vacuum, no one visits me? No one really cares. First, I only say at least once a month is best because that is only twelve times a year and you are more... Continue Reading →

Garbage Can Tips

You know those cute little plastic bags with handles you get when you purchase groceries or items from the big box stores. Stick 2 or 3 inside of each other with the handles lined up then put them in any... Continue Reading →

Habits = Fun Time

These are a few words of wisdom from your mom that you didn’t want to let her know you heard. “Life gets easier when you build habits that make it easier.” If you have bad habits, you will spend a... Continue Reading →

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