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Reflections from the Brain

New to Old. Beginning to End. The circle of life continues. When a stroke hit someone close to me recently I felt his hand guiding me to share. Fear combined with memories, or maybe the lack of memories, from a... Continue Reading →

Writing and Puzzles… The process is the same!

I love writing and my annual puzzle fix is a brain rest. If you've been following along with the other posts here is the final picture and my thoughts. Puzzle building is like writing a novel. You begin with a... Continue Reading →

Puzzle Progression

It's day 2 of puzzle work and I've formed the border and a couple of small patches. It took a bit of stepping back and rearranging to get the border sections in the right order. This reminded me that as... Continue Reading →

Happy January 1, 2019! Let’s Puzzle

It's the first day of a new year and many start it off with resolutions. I choose to start this year with a jigsaw puzzle. I've done this the last few years and find it a great way to remind... Continue Reading →

Aim…Fire…Wait. Where’s the seat?

The great bathroom controversy is, of course, does it matter if the seat is up or down, is the lid up or down, and includes did the last person hit the target? Keep the seat down! Guys this not only... Continue Reading →

Who Are You – The Writer’s Identity

Before you share your work, you need to know who you are. Like a flower, many people have both a scientific name and a common name. Think of your scientific name as the one that parents give you the day... Continue Reading →

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