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Aim…Fire…Wait. Where’s the seat?

The great bathroom controversy is, of course, does it matter if the seat is up or down, is the lid up or down, and includes did the last person hit the target? Keep the seat down! Guys this not only... Continue Reading →

Who Are You – The Writer’s Identity

Before you share your work, you need to know who you are. Like a flower, many people have both a scientific name and a common name. Think of your scientific name as the one that parents give you the day... Continue Reading →

Ma’am Isn’t Just For Kids

Respect for others has never gone out of style, unlike the popularity of using yes ma’am or sir. The hardest thing about using this phrase it getting comfortable hearing it said. When little kids use it, you think “sweet kid.”... Continue Reading →

Opening Doors To Civility

Opening the door for others is not only a sign of good manners, but it also says you are a polite person. In a world where the hustle and bustle of life tends to make people a bit testy, small... Continue Reading →

Writing Inspiration & Research

Life is full of places to go, people to see, and events to experience. If you’re like many writers you’d prefer to be home filling pages with words, creating characters, and describing villains that readers will love to hate. To... Continue Reading →

Short Story and Novel List Grows

Chalice Moon was recently joined by five short stories providing my readers with an assortment of fun. The Feathered Crown. This one has a story glitch. I changed the character from a Haberdasher to a hat maker and didn't get... Continue Reading →

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