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Writing Inspiration & Research

Life is full of places to go, people to see, and events to experience. If you’re like many writers you’d prefer to be home filling pages with words, creating characters, and describing villains that readers will love to hate. To... Continue Reading →

Short Story and Novel List Grows

Chalice Moon was recently joined by five short stories providing my readers with an assortment of fun. The Feathered Crown. This one has a story glitch. I changed the character from a Haberdasher to a hat maker and didn't get... Continue Reading →

Please. One word to open doors to many worlds.

Used as an adverb, this word transforms a request from sounding like an order to a polite question. A word that allows the requested person to grant your request, offer an alternate option or turn down your request, all while... Continue Reading →

Pay Yourself With Your Savings

It’s very easy to say I can buy something today because I have just enough for the purchase, but if the car breaks down the next day you might regret spending the money on the new couch. Let’s say you... Continue Reading →

The Fairy’s Kiss – A Vampire Mystery (free day coming)

Culley stood before the king of the American Vampires confident he would die tonight, found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit. But someone wanted him dead. Told to run if he wanted to live, he headed for a childhood... Continue Reading →

The Feathered Crown (short story)

Bryon loved hats and he'd learned from the best, George Lock. When Jacob found his father's body the police immediately accuse him of the murder. Suddenly the safety of the King rested on securing a hat and Bryon's ability to... Continue Reading →

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